About Hamirpur

Hamirpur District is situated between 76º 18' to 76º 44' East longitude and 31º 25' to 31º 52' North latitude. The tract is hilly covered by Shivalik range. The elevation varies from 400 meters to 1100 meters having the configuration ranging from the almost flat-lands that border the portion of rivers Beas to the lofty heights of cliffs and precipitous slopes of hill-ranges. There are three principal ranges which run in a South-Easterly direction. It is situated at lower elevation and comparatively warmer but has some hilly ranges covered with Pine forests. This district was made in 1972 by carving it out from the Kangra district. It is well connected by roads from all sides. At present the known tourist attractions are Deot-Sidh, Temples of Sujanpur Tira and Nadaun. Hamirpur town is the Headquarter of this District, which lies on Shimla Dharamshala road. Majority of the population here comprise of Hindus. Bulk of the people speak Pahari. Hamirpur is the most Literate district in Himachal Pradesh. The majority of its population fluently speaks Hindi. Beas river flows through the northern part of and Satluj river flows through the southern part of district Hamirpur. Both of these two rivers namely Beas and Satluj are the famous rivers in Himachal Pradesh.

The Climate of Hamirpur

Hamirpur has a comfortable climate all around the year. It is neither extreme cold in winters nor extreme hot in summer, making it a perfect destination for education.