Basic Training Kitchen

The Basic Training Kitchen is set up for imparting training to beginners with an objective to introduce them to fundamentals of cooking and to acquire cooking skills. Out of all the food production areas in IHM Hamirpur, the BTK lays down the foundation stone for young dynamic hospitality students who want to become chef.

This Practical lab helps them to explore their culinary skills through hands-on training and practical demonstrations. The kitchen is well equipped with the modern equipments which emulate the standards of the professional kitchens. This training kitchen is meant for the students of 1st year which helps’ them to understand the basics of food production. Basics of practical cookery with special emphasis on Continental cuisine are taught here to the students. Students are required to practice classical cooking techniques and to familiarise with them, to master the art.

Quantity Food Kitchen(QFK)

Bulk cooking is a specialized art and in order to develop the entrepreneurial skills of the hospitality professionals and to give them the confidence to face the challenges of the competitive world. We have a Quantity Food Kitchen in place at IHM Hamirpur. It is well equipped with heavy-duty equipments, like pulveriser, grinder, potato peeler, tilting pan, four door refrigerators etc; we have everything that needs to bring out the professional/entrepreneur in our students. This kitchen is used for training SEMESTER III / SEMESTER IV students of the B.Sc. Hospitality & Hotel Administration and students of CCCFPP course. It is mainly used for bulk food production and services the dining hall. In this kitchen the students acquire the knowledge and skills to understand Indian Regional Cuisine. QFK helps the students in exploring different varieties of food and to implement their own creative ideas during preparations with the help of concerned faculty.

Advance Training Kitchen(ATK)

After having mastered with the basics, the students move on to specialization in the art of cooking. This kitchen is meant for the final year students who are going to pass out and to face the challenges of the hospitality world. This training kitchen is well designed, well equipped and beautifully laid out the infrastructure to cater to the standards of the hospitality industry. The cuisines under consideration are Japanese, Thai, Mexican and Chinese. Requirement of plating and showcasing the talent of food display are very well taught in this kitchen.

Larder & Cold Room

The Larder and Cold Room section is equipped to train the students in the area of force meat and cold cut preparations. This section imparts training in the art of sausage preparation, cold salads, galantine, pate and terrines.


The Bakery & Confectionery is fully equipped with modern machinery, such as Three Tier Oven, Proving Chamber, Bread Slicing Machine, Mixers etc. along with other tools and equipments to provide existential training in bakery and confectionery to the that students to acquire the knowledge and skills in preparing essential bakery products and desserts similar to the products made in the star category hotels.

Students are trained in all aspects of bakery operations as it is very popular choice of food production for many students here and abroad.

Mock Bar

The Mock Bar is setup in this Institute for imparting training to students and beginners with an objective to introduce them to fundamentals and art of Bar Management and to acquire bar tendering skills. Out of all the beverage services, the students are trained in the sophisticated art of bar tendering and in the art of preparing cocktails and mock tails.

Basic Training Restaurant

The Basic Training Restaurant is one of the unique features of our college. It is equipped with all the basic and special equipments like cutlery, crockery, glassware, trolleys, plate warmer etc. in order to practice the basics of restaurant operations. The restaurant is laid out to perfection and is the site where students are introduced to the versatile subject of Food & Beverage Service. With a capacity of over 24 covers, this restaurant entices the students and captivates them into the aura of the hotel industry.
In this restaurant, the students also learn to handle various types of cutlery, crockery and other equipments and learn its specific usages. They also learn the art of pairing cutlery together and are familiarised with the basics of guest service. This restaurant, with its pristine appeal and magnificent aura, bewitches the students who instantly get attracted towards this dynamic attribute of hospitality.
The practical sessions of F&B service are conducted in this restaurant and students are extensively trained in various table service styles, Dining and Service etiquettes, Service standards and Service attitude etc.

Advance Training Restaurant(Dhauladhar)

After acquiring the basic skills of restaurant operations the students are trained in the art of serving food and beverages with elegance in our Advance Training Restaurant. This formal fine dining restaurant has the capacity of approximately 80 pax. From various kitchens of the institute, training food is provided to serve here. The restaurant is spacious enough with well equipped modern equipments which emulate the standards of the professional services. The practical sessions of F&B service are conducted in this restaurant and students are extensively trained in various table service styles, Dining and Service etiquettes, Service standards and Service attitude etc.

Dining Hall

Dining hall gives the opportunity to all the students to dine together, students are imparted the knowhow of dining etiquettes the Dining Hall is used to train all the students in the art and technique of serving food and here they are trained to understand and perform the fundamentals of buffet service. It is mainly used for training food service of bulk food prepared in Quantity Food Kitchen and served in dining hall.

The Front Office Lab

IHM Hamirpur has a Front Office lab dedicated to the students with the latest modern facilities which are needed to facilitate training and for our students to become future front office team leaders and managers and also have Front lobby for imparting simulated training to students and beginners with an objective to introduce them to fundamentals and art of handling the guest request and welcoming of guest.
Faculties taught the students of B.Sc. in H&HA to learn the art of guest handling and customer interaction. here students are instructed and trained in the act of handling a variety of situation, role play, mock reservations, check out procedures, complaint handling, hospitality service and guest satisfaction. In addition, emphasis is on leaning manners, courtesy, communication skill, social skills and professionalism etc.


Housekeeping lab is equipped with different types of manual, mechanical housekeeping equipments. The students are trained to deal essentially with cleanliness and all ancillary services attached to housekeeping.

There are different themed training guest rooms at IHM Hamirpur.

  1. Twin Room
  2. Double Room
  3. King Room

The students of IHM Hamirpur are trained to develop their skills in these guest rooms like Bed Making, Preparing Guest Room, Interior Decoration, Room Layout etc.
As a part of syllabus they are also trained about various housekeeping activities like, Linen Management, floor cleaning, upkeep of uniform, flower arrangement etc.


Institute has a well-equipped & functional laundry that not only used for imparting training to the students but is also being used for washing of restaurant and guest room linen. These facilities are utilized to impart knowledge and skill among students to become effective laundry professionals.

The Computer Lab

IHM Hamirpur has a well equipped Computer Lab to train the students in computer application. Training is imparted as per the curriculum prescribed by the NCHMCT keeping in view the requirement of industry. This lab is used by the students of different courses for their presentation work and preparation of notes. The students are also trained on how to operate Microsoft word, excel, power point presentations in different design and paint, recipe making presentation etc.


IHM Hamirpur has its own Library with the latest books. It is spacious with its enough sitting capacity for students. It has sufficient nos. of books.

Audio & Visual Rooms

IHM Hamirpur has 2 Audio & Visual Rooms and are fully equipped. These are being used for facilitated learning, self-learning and professional development. Students are given a live multimedia experience based on the topics they study in the theory classroom and is used extensively for linguistic training as whatever is seen by eyes is retained by the brain more effectively than just reading or listening to it. The faculty, staff and students, are encouraged to use the resources in house. Our Audio & Visual Rooms are spacious, airy and is platform for learning, to enhance knowledge and to foster interaction between students and faculty. These are also used for conducting various Webinars, interacting with Resource person related to the industry from far off places etc.